Atmospheric Sciences

ATM S 501 Fundamentals of Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere (5)

Fundamentals of hydrostatics, thermodynamics, radiation, cloud physics, and atmospheric chemistry. Offered: A.
Instructor Course Description: John M Wallace

ATM S 503 Atmospheric Motions I (3)

Basic equations governing atmospheric motions and their elementary applications; circulation and vorticity; dynamics of midlatitude disturbances. Offered: A.
Instructor Course Description: Cecilia Bitz

ATM S 504 Atmospheric Motions II (5)

Wave dynamics, numerical prediction, development of midlatitude synoptic systems, and general circulation. Prerequisite: either ATM S 441 or ATM S 503. Offered: W.
Instructor Course Description: David S Battisti

ATM S 505 Introduction to Fluid Dynamics (4)

Eulerian equations for mass, motion; Navier-Stokes equation for viscous fluids, Cartesian tensors, stress, strain relations; Kelvin’ s theorem, vortex dynamics; potential flows, flows with high, low Reynolds numbers; boundary layers, introduction to singular perturbation techniques; water waves; linear instability theory. Prerequisite: AMATH 403 or permission of instructor. Offered: jointly with AMATH 505/OCEAN 511; A.
Instructor Course Description: Dale R Durran Parker Mac Cready

ATM S 509 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I (4)

Dynamics of rotating stratified fluid flow in the atmosphere/ocean and laboratory analogues. Equations of state, compressibility, Boussinesq approximation. Geostrophic balance, Rossby number. Poincare, Kelvin, Rossby waves, geostrophic adjustment. Ekman layers. Continuously stratified dynamics: Inertia-gravity waves, potential vorticity, quasigeostrophy. Prerequisite: ATM S/AMATH 505/OCEAN 511. Offered: jointly with OCEAN 512; W.

ATM S 535 Cloud Microphysics and Dynamics (3)

Basic concepts of cloud microphysics, water continuity in clouds, cloud dynamics, and cloud models. Prerequisite: ATM S 501 or permission of instructor. Offered: jointly with ESS 573; Sp.

ATM S 542 Synoptic and Mesoscale Dynamics (3)

Quasi-geostrophic theory, baroclinic instability, symmetric instability, tropical disturbances, frontogenesis, orographic disturbances, convective storms. Prerequisite: ATM S 509/OCEAN 512 and AMATH 402 or equivalents. Offered: Sp.

ATM S 545 General Circulation of Atmosphere (3)

Requirements of the global angular momentum, heat, mass, and energy budgets upon atmospheric motions as deduced from observations. Study of the physical processes through which these budgets are satisfied. Prerequisite: ATM S 509/OCEAN 512 or permission of instructor. Offered: A.

ATM S 547 Boundary Layer Meteorology (3)

Turbulence, turbulent fluxes, averaging. Convection and shear instability. Monin-Obukhov similarity theory, surface roughness. Wind profiles. Organized large eddies. Energy fluxes at ocean and land surfaces, diurnal cycle. Convective and stably stratified boundary layers. Cloud-topped boundary layers. Remote sensing. Boundary layer modeling and parameterization. Prerequisite: ATM S 505, AMATH 505, or OCEAN 511. Offered: alternate years; Sp.

ATM S 551 Atmospheric Structure and Analysis I: Synoptic Scale Systems (4)

Extratropical cyclones and cyclogenesis. Jet streams. Upper waves in the westerlies. Diagnosis of vertical motions. Fronts and frontogenesis. Prerequisite: ATM S 502 and ATM S 509/OCEAN 512. Offered: alternate years; A.

ATM S 556 Planetary-Scale Dynamics (3)

Zonally symmetric circulations, planetary waves, equatorial waves, dynamics of the middle atmosphere, trace constituent transport, nonlinear aspects of atmospheric flows. Prerequisite: ATM S 542 or permission of instructor. Offered: alternate years; Sp.

ATM S 560 Atmosphere/Ocean Interactions (3)

Observations and theory of phenomena of the coupled atmosphere-ocean system. El Nino/Southern Oscillation; decadal tropical variability; atmospheric teleconnections; midlatitude atmosphere-ocean variability. Overview of essential ocean and atmospheric dynamics, where appropriate. Credit/no credit only. Prerequisite: ATM S 509/OCEAN 512. Offered: jointly with OCEAN 560; alternate years; Sp.

ATM S 575 Large Scale Dynamics of the Tropical Atmosphere (3)

Observations and underlying dynamics of large-scale tropical circulations. Factors that determine regions of large-scale persistent precipitation in the tropics, thermal forcing of atmospheric circulations by these regions, and temporal variability of the forcing and response. Prerequisite: ATM S 509/OCEAN 512, ATM S 542. Offered: alternate years; W.

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