AA 506 Vortex Dominated Flows

Examines the vorticity equation, baroclinic torque, solenoidality, Biot-Savart’s formula, diffusion of vorticity, Burger vortex, system of vortices, Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, effects of density, shear and surface tension on instability, swirling flows, and other special topics.
Offered: Spring (even years)
Instructor: M. KurosakaD. Dabiri

AA 508 Turbulence

The phenomena of turbulence; transition prediction; Reynolds stresses; turbulent boundary-layer equations. Approximate methods for turbulent boundary layers. Prerequisite: A A 507 or permission of instructor.
Offered: Spring (odd years)

AA 544 Turbulence Modeling and Simulation

Examines numerical discretization of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equation; projection method, introduction to turbulence; Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes equations; algebraic, one-equation, and two-equation turbulence models; large-eddy simulation; direct numerical simulation; and applications to the numerical solution of laminar and turbulent flows in simple geometries.
Offered: Spring
Instructor: A. Ferrante

ATM S 547 Boundary Layer Meteorology (3)

Turbulence, turbulent fluxes, averaging. Convection and shear instability. Monin-Obukhov similarity theory, surface roughness. Wind profiles. Organized large eddies. Energy fluxes at ocean and land surfaces, diurnal cycle. Convective and stably stratified boundary layers. Cloud-topped boundary layers. Remote sensing. Boundary layer modeling and parameterization. Prerequisite: ATM S 505, AMATH 505, or OCEAN 511. Offered: alternate years; Sp.

M E 543 Fluid Turbulence (3)

Methods of characterizing fluid turbulence; probability concepts; spatial and temporal velocity correlations; spectral energy transfer; turbulent diffusion; isotropic turbulence and Kolmogoroff’ s hypothesis; Taylor’ s hypothesis; hot-wire measurement techniques. Prerequisite: 3 credits of graduate level fluid mechanics or permission of instructor. Offered: even years; W.

M E 544 Advanced Turbulence Modeling Techniques (3)

The Reynolds stress transport equations; plane homogeneous shear flow; modeling the pressure-strain, diffusion, and dissipation rate correlation tensors; one and two-equation turbulence models; near-wall turbulence and wall functions; limitations of length scale and eddy viscosity modeling. Prerequisite: 3 credits of turbulence related course work. Offered: even years by request only; Sp.
Instructor Course Description: James J Riley


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