High-Speed Flows & Propulsion

AA 504 Compressible Fluid Mechanics

Reviews the fundamentals with application to external and internal flows; supersonic flow, 1D and Quasi-1D, steady and unsteady flow, oblique shocks and expansion waves, linearized flow, 2D flow, method of characteristics; and transonic and hypersonic flow.
Offered: Spring

AA 525 Special Topics in Advanced Airbreathing Engines

Reviews the fundamental concepts of advanced airbreathing engines including advanced gas turbines, ramjets, scramjets and variants, detonations engines, flow with chemical energy release, shock dynamics, Chapman-Jouguet, ZND model, and multi-cellular and spinning detonation.
Offered: Winter (even years)

AA 529 Space Propulsion

Nucleonics, and heat transfer of nuclear-heated rockets. Electrothermal, electromagnetic, and electrostatic thrusters. Power/propulsion systems. Prerequisite: permission.
Offered: Spring (odd years)

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