Reacting Flows & Combustion

AA 525 Special Topics in Advanced Airbreathing Engines

Reviews the fundamental concepts of advanced airbreathing engines including advanced gas turbines, ramjets, scramjets and variants, detonations engines, flow with chemical energy release, shock dynamics, Chapman-Jouguet, ZND model, and multi-cellular and spinning detonation.
Offered: Winter (even years)

CHEM E 564 Applications of Chemical Kinetics (3)

Fast reactions and highly energetic reactions with applications to combustion, explosions, and lasers. Coupling of transport processes and reaction rates, photochemical kinetics, intermolecular energy transfer, free radical, and chain reaction kinetics. Rate plasmas, flames, and biological systems.

M E 524 Combustion (3)

Chemical and physical processes of combustion with applications to design of combustors, fuel selection, and consideration of environmental effects. Prerequisite: graduate standing in mechanical engineering or permission of instructor. Offered: odd years; Sp.


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