Aeronautics & Astronautics

AA 501 Physical Gasdynamics I

Equilibrium kinetic theory; chemical thermodynamics; thermodynamic properties derived from quantum statistical mechanics; reacting gas mixtures; applications to real gas flows and gas dynamics.
materials; and examples/solutions for solid/fluid materials.
Offered: Autumn (even years)

AA 503 Continuum Mechanics

Reviews concepts of motion, stress, energy for a general continuum; conservation of mass, momentum, and energy; and the second law; constitutive equations for linear/nonlinear elastic, viscous/inviscid fluids, and general
materials; and examples/solutions for solid/fluid materials.
Offered: Autumn (jointly with ME 503)
Instructor: D. DabiriK, Holsapple, E. Fried (ME)

AA 504 Compressible Fluid Mechanics

Reviews the fundamentals with application to external and internal flows; supersonic flow, 1D and Quasi-1D, steady and unsteady flow, oblique shocks and expansion waves, linearized flow, 2D flow, method of characteristics; and transonic and hypersonic flow.
Offered: Spring
Instructor: M. Kurosaka

AA 506 Vortex Dominated Flows

Examines the vorticity equation, baroclinic torque, solenoidality, Biot-Savart’s formula, diffusion of vorticity, Burger vortex, system of vortices, Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, effects of density, shear and surface tension on instability, swirling flows, and other special topics.
Offered: Spring (even years)
Instructor: M. KurosakaD. Dabiri

AA 507 Fluid Mechanics

Covers inviscid and viscous imcompressible flows, exact solutions of laminar flows, creeping flows, boundary layers, free-shear flows, vorticity equation, and introduction to vortex dynamics.
Offered: Winter (odd years)

AA 508 Turbulence

The phenomena of turbulence; transition prediction; Reynolds stresses; turbulent boundary-layer equations. Approximate methods for turbulent boundary layers. Prerequisite: A A 507 or permission of instructor.
Offered: Spring (odd years)

AA 524 Aeroacoustics

Reviews fundamental concepts of acoustics which include sound measurements, reflection, resonance, transmission, radiation, scattering, diffraction, ray acoustics, wave guide, turbo-machinery noise, sound suppression, jet noise, and airframe noice and acoustic problems in rockets and other propulsion systems.
Offered: Autumn (odd years)
Instructor: Kurosaka

AA 525 Special Topics in Advanced Airbreathing Engines

Reviews the fundamental concepts of advanced airbreathing engines including advanced gas turbines, ramjets, scramjets and variants, detonations engines, flow with chemical energy release, shock dynamics, Chapman-Jouguet, ZND model, and multi-cellular and spinning detonation.
Offered: Winter (even years)

AA 529 Space Propulsion

Nucleonics, and heat transfer of nuclear-heated rockets. Electrothermal, electromagnetic, and electrostatic thrusters. Power/propulsion systems. Prerequisite: permission.
Offered: Spring (odd years)

AA 543 Computational Fluid Dynamics

Numerical approximation of the inviscid compressible equations of fluid dynamics. Analysis of numerical accuracy, stability, and efficiency. Use of explicit, implicit, and flux split methods. Discussion of splitting, approximate factorization, discrete point, and finite volume approaches. Applications to the solution of simple hyperbolic systems of equations and the Euler equations.
Offered: Winter
Instructor: A. Ferrante

AA 544 Turbulence Modeling and Simulation

Examines numerical discretization of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equation; projection method, introduction to turbulence; Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes equations; algebraic, one-equation, and two-equation turbulence models; large-eddy simulation; direct numerical simulation; and applications to the numerical solution of laminar and turbulent flows in simple geometries.
Offered: Spring
Instructor: A. Ferrante


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