Earth & Space Sciences

ESS 514 Geophysics: Fluids (3)

Geophysical fluid dynamics. Fluids in geophysics with emphasis on the oceans. Development of the equations of motion with examples drawn from oceanography and solid earth geophysics. Includes advanced, research-oriented problems. Prerequisite: PHYS 322, MATH 307 and MATH 308 or equivalent.

ESS 516 Geophysics: The Atmosphere (3)

Phenomena of the lower atmosphere: some simple applications of the principles of classical thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and radiative transfer to the atmospheric hydrological cycle, global energy balance, and atmospheric dynamics and climate. Includes advanced, research-oriented problems. Prerequisite: ESS 514.
Instructor Course Description: Gerard H Roe

ESS 524 Numerical Heat and Mass Flow Modeling in the Earth Sciences (3)

Numerical solution of steady and transient advective-diffusion equations describing heat and mass transport processes in Earth Sciences, emphasizing finite-volume methods and their relationship to finite-difference and finite-element methods. Topics include discretization methods; coordinate systems; boundary conditions; accuracy; and stability. Prerequisite: MATH 307; MATH 308 or equivalent, or permission of instructor. Offered: Sp; alternate years.

ESS 526 Sediment Dynamics and Boundary-Layer Physics (4)

Theoretical descriptions of sediment transport processes constrained by laboratory demonstrations. The physics of boundary layers, initiation of motion, suspended load, bedload, bedforms, and continua transport (turbidity currents, debris flows, and suspensions) and its application to the geological record. Offered: jointly with OCEAN 542.

ESS 529 Principles of Fluid Dynamics, Heat, and Mass Transfer in Earth Sciences (3)

Introduction to the quantitative treatment of transport phenomena with applications to mantle and magma convection, volcanic eruptions, landslides, porous flow, and reaction. Emphasis on the governing equations of fluid dynamics including porous and multiple flow, chaotic convection, mixing, heat transfer, rheology, analytical, numerical, and scaling solutions.

ESS 573 Cloud Microphysics and Dynamics (3)

Basic concepts of cloud microphysics, water continuity in clouds, cloud dynamics, and cloud models. Prerequisite: ATM S 501 or permission of instructor. Offered: jointly with ATM S 535.

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