Civil & Environmental Engineering

CEE 570 Hydrodynamics (4)

Applications of the equations of motion to the flow of ideal and real fluids. Fundamentals of fluid potential motion. Viscous flows; Navier-Stokes equations and some exact solutions. Boundary-layer theory. Introduction to turbulence. Two- and three-dimensional examples, including free surface flows. Applications of field equations to problems of engineering significance. Prerequisite: CEE 342 or equivalent.
Instructor Course Description: Alexander Horner-Devine

CEE 571 Hydrodynamics in Water Quality (3)

Theoretical, field study, and laboratory model approaches to diffusion in transport problems of concern to water resources engineers. Prerequisite: CEE 342 or permission of instructor.

CEE 572 Water Wave Mechanics (3)

Theory of water waves. Classical water wave problem and approximate solution techniques. Evolution equations for and their solutions wave systems. Viscous damping effects and mass transport. Nonlinear shallow-water waves and the Korteweg-deVries equation. Waves on beaches. Prerequisite: CEE 342 or permission of instructor; recommended: graduate-level course in fluid mechanics.

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