Chemical Engineering

CHEM E 530 Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer I (4)

Derivation of the differential equations for mass, energy, and momentum transport. Principles of fluid mechanics; creeping flow, turbulence, boundary-layer theory. Offered: A.

CHEM E 531 Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer II (3)

Continuation of 530. Flows of fluid-particle systems; convective heat transfer, natural convection. Prerequisite: CHEM E 530.
Instructor Course Description: Stuart B. Adler

CHEM E 564 Applications of Chemical Kinetics (3)

Fast reactions and highly energetic reactions with applications to combustion, explosions, and lasers. Coupling of transport processes and reaction rates, photochemical kinetics, intermolecular energy transfer, free radical, and chain reaction kinetics. Rate plasmas, flames, and biological systems.

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